Prestige Motor Cars, History



The stories behind the development of any motor car is fascinating – trial and error with intuition often reigning supreme in the quest for reliability, performance, and status that would hopefully result in sales volumes.  We will touch on two stories that were led by extraordinary man made machines that were more than suitable for their day - in fact they remain desirable 40 years after their manufacture ceased.  Now, they are cherished as part of our engineering heritage, and fastidiously maintained to bring you a unique travel experience of a luxurious by-gone era.

The story of Jaguar/Daimler and Rolls Royce/Bentley, culminating in corporate takeovers - is well documented.  Influenced by dreams of speed and luxury, our Jaguar/Daimler/Bentley line-up preserves engineering excellence in a very accessible and useable way for you to enjoy on a very special occasion.

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